Growth Pattern of School Going Children with Asthma: A Case Control Study

Growth Pattern of School Going Children with Asthma

  • Jayasree P Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor, Kerala.
Keywords: Asthma, QOL(Quality of life), BMI, Stunting, Obesity


Background: To compare growth pattern of children with asthma against healthy controls and to assess the quality of life score in children with asthma. Subjects and Methods: The study was conducted in the outpatient and inpatient departments of Department of Pediatrics amongChildren between 5-15 years with clinical diagnosis of asthma were enrolled in this study. It was a cross sectional study. Results: Our study included 100 children between 5 – 10 years age group which had 50 children having asthma and rest were normal children. Out of 50 asthma children, 5 (10%)had obesity and study was significant (p=0.028). And 20 of the 50 asthma children(40%) had stunting.(p=0.015). In11 to 15 years age group 4 (8%) had obesity(p=0.072) and 24%had stunting and the study was significant(p=0.029). Conclusion: Stunting and obesity are more seen in children with asthma compared to normal children. Children with severe forms of asthma and children were whose asthma was poorly controlled were more prone for stunting and obesity.

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P, J. (2019). Growth Pattern of School Going Children with Asthma: A Case Control Study. Asian Journal of Clinical Pediatrics and Neonatology, 7(1), 30-34.