Socio-Demographic and Clinical Profile of Patients Subjected for Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol Detoxification

  • Vijayraj N Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Vijayanagara Institute Of Medical Sciences, Ballari, Karnataka.
Keywords: Socio-demographic factors, Clinical profile, Alcohol detoxification


Background: Lifetime risk for alcohol use disorders is more than 15% for men (and is even higher among those who seek treatment for medical or psychiatric disorders) and between 8-10% for women. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death and disability globally. About two billion people worldwide consume alcoholic beverages and one-third (nearly 76.3 million) is likely to have one or more diagnosable alcohol use disorders. Subjects and Methods: Hundred consecutive admissions of alcohol dependence syndrome who were admitted at the department of psychiatry were included into study after written Informed consent was taken. Results: Socioeconomic class is calculated according to Kuppuswamy modified classification, which includes education, occupation and family income. 76% of the sample belonged to upper lower class. Conclusion: The individuals in our sample consumed a mean of 446.5ml/ day (180gm/day) of alcohol with a mean duration of alcohol use of 16.05 years and age of first drink of 19.7yrs.

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