Asian Journal of Medical Research 2023-05-23T11:10:32+00:00 Dr. Rohit Kumar Varshney [email protected] Open Journal Systems <p><strong class="pull-left">Asian Journal of Medical Research (AJMR)</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;is an open-access, freely accessible, online and print quarterly peer-reviewed international journal publishes a wide spectrum of advanced research on all medical specialties including ethical and social issues. AJMR is a gateway to enlighten the latest research/issues happening all around the world of medical and health sciences. <br><strong>Online ISSN: 2277-7253 | Print ISSN: 2347-3398</strong></p> A Clinical Study and Psychological Impact of Lower Motor Neuron Type of Facial Nerve Palsy 2023-05-23T11:10:20+00:00 Riya Aggarwal [email protected] K.V. K. Sudhakar [email protected] <p><strong>Background: </strong>To study the clinical and psychological impact of lower motor neuron type of facial nerve palsy. <strong>Subjects and Methods:</strong> The Prospective longitudinal observational study was conducted in the department of otorhinolaryngology TMMC &amp; RC Hospital, Moradabad. All the patients of LMN type of facial nerve palsy who presented to this department who fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Topodiagnostic assessment of palsy refers to the testing (functional) an individual branch of facial nerve to anatomically locate the level of injury or dysfunction. The tests included: Schirmer’s test, Stapedial reflex test and sensation of taste on anterior 2/3rd of the tongue. House Brackmann classification is used to clinically assess the Degree of palsy. <strong>Results: </strong>LTBF was the leading cause of facial palsy. Suprastapedial lesion was found to be the commonest site of affection. Grade 2 and 4 facial palsy was the commonest grade. According to HAD-Scale the common were 9-A and 10-D, 11-D, 15-D, 18-D. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>The quality of life can be negatively impacted in a variety of ways by facial palsy. It has the potential to impact a wide range of functions, including the inability to make facial expressions, speak, see, drink, or eat properly. It is also possible for this to result in psychological symptoms and physical pain. Patients who are afflicted with facial nerve paralysis have a diminished quality of life as a result of functional and cosmetic problems.</p> 2023-05-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Author