Efficacy of Alpha-1 Adrenergic Blockers in the Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

  • Sudhir Sabharwal Neurosurgeon, Govt. Hospital, Gandhinagar, Jammu.
  • Narita Jamwal Gynaecologist, ASCOMS, Jammu India.
Keywords: Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Prazosin, Terazosin


Background: Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), the most common benign tumour in men. The present study was planned to assess quantitatively the symptom improvement with Terazosin and with Prazosin in patients with symptomatic BPH. Subjects and Methods: The present study was conducted on 30 patients. The patients were studied under two subgroups, allotted at random, each had 15 patients. The sub group A patients received prazosin GITS tablet and sub group B patients received Terazosin. The urinary symptom scores were measured by using AUA symptom index, comprising seven equally weighted questions addressing the severity of urinary symptoms. Results: The pre drug therapy symptom score in group A & B were comparable and there was no significant difference between the two subgroup of patients (P > .05). On comparison of improvement in AUA score between Group A and Group B, no significant difference was found (P > .05). There was also no significant difference in improvement of obstructive and irritative subscores between the two sub groups. Group B patients had significant reduction of the post void residual urine following treatment. Conclusion: Prazosin GITS is an effective formulation of Prazosin, which ensures single daily use of this agent. Prazosin GITS and Terazosin are equally effective in improving the bothersome symptoms of BPH in symptomatic patients.


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Sabharwal, S., & Jamwal, N. (2019). Efficacy of Alpha-1 Adrenergic Blockers in the Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Asian Journal of Medical Research, 8(2), SG01-SG05. https://doi.org/10.21276/ajmr.2019.8.2.SG1