Survey of Medical Students to Find the Most Suitable Paper Type From Scoring Point of View

Most Suitable Paper Type of Medical Students

  • Swati Yadav Senior Resident, Department of Anatomy, J.N Medical College, AMU, Aligarh-202002.
  • Ragya Bharadwaj Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, SIMSRC, Mukka, Mangalore 57414.
  • Nafis Ahmad Faruqi Professor, Department of anatomy,J.N.Medical College,AMU,Aligarh-202002.
  • M. Tariq Zaidi Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, JN Medical College, AMU Aligarh 202002.
Keywords: Medical students, paper type, questionnaire, survey, scoring marks


Background: Anatomy forms backbone of medical education with maximum number of teaching hours allotted to the subject. The subject needs thorough investigation regarding teaching and evaluation for the best results in medical education system. Student’s feedback at regular intervals is the best way to assess their requirements for future improvement. Objectives: To evaluate student’s feedback for different paper types to find out the most student friendly ones. Subjects and Methods: 122 first year professional medical students formed the sample for study. They were provided with five question paper types each carrying equal marks and times. Answers of all students were evaluated by single teacher to avoid discrepancy. Students were divided into five grades on the basis of their performance to judge their seriousness in examination. Highest marks obtained in different paper types were tabulated and evaluated. Results: Overall high performance of students was encouraging. Paper type IV (10 questions of 1 mark each) was found to be most suitable to the students. This paper type also provided adequate coverage for the subject. Second best paper type in terms of scoring of marks was MCQs. Before mentioned two paper types will be preferred ones for examining students for best results. Conclusion: Regular survey from time to time will provide better insight regarding assessment of teaching and learning process in medical education.

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