A Clinical Study on Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever

  • Dr Srinivas Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, GEMS medical college, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Dr Raghuramulu Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, MNR medical college, Sangareddy, Telangana.
Keywords: Dengue fever, Complications, Hemorrhagic Shock, Thrombocytopenia


Background: Dengue fever is caused by Flavivirus and it is transmitted by Aedes aegyorti Mosquito each year 68 to 280 million cases of dengue fever areregistered. It is endemic in South east Asia, India, Srilanka, Africa and in Caribbian and America. It causes high morbidity and mortality. Subjects and Methods: We have conducted this study in Teleangana and Andhrapradesh in South India. Patients with dengue fever are included in this study. Total 450 patients were included in this study. Males and 275 and Female were 175. We have collected the blood and send for NS1 antigen and IgM antibody Elisa. Results: Dengue fever is positive in 85 Males(17% ) and 58 Females(13%) and the total dengue fever positive patients are 193 and out of these 193 positive 96 are IgM positive 47 are NS1 positive. Conclusion: Dengue fever is common in Indian subcontinent throughout the year particularly more common during in rainy season i.e June to September. So there is need to control mosquitoes by public health department and NGO’s and educate the people regarding protection from mosquitoes.


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