Clinical Profile of Patients Undergoing Mass Closure and Layered Closure Techniques in Laparotomies

Clinical Profile of Patients Undergoing Mass Closure

  • Ganesh S Bhavikatti Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, GIMS, Gadag, Karnataka
  • Raghavendra Gupta GHV Senior Resident, Department of Surgery, JJMMC, Davangere, Karnataka.
Keywords: Clinical Profile, Mass Closure and Layered Closure Techniques, Laparotomies


Background: Linen and Cotton were already in use. Silk was the next suture of choice in non-absorbable suture range. It became very popular because of its excellent handling properties. It was extensively used in all surgical procedures including Cardiovascular Surgery. Halstead was its main proponent. Thorough clinical examination of the patients was made and recorded. Particular attention was given to note the anaemia, nutritional status, jaundice, respiratory tract infections. Apart from the examination of the system involved, routine examination of CVS, RS & CNS were carried out. Subjects and Methods: History taking was followed as a routine in all cases admitted to the wards.Plain X-ray abdomen, Contrast X-rays like barium meal, Upper GI endoscopy and Abdominal ultrasound and CT scan were done in necessary cases.However in emergency cases, only the investigations necessary for supporting the diagnosis were employed. Results: In this study mid line incision was done in 39 patients, 65% of patients, Right Para Median incision in 18 patients 30 %, left Para median in 3 patients, 5%. In this study in mass closure group a mean time taken (min) 15.73 was required for the closure of the incision with standard deviation of 1.82.In the layered closure group mean time taken (min) was 25.03 with a standard deviation of 1.83. Conclusion: The age of the patients ranged from 15-65 years. Out of 60 patients 16 were in the age group of <30 years, 13 were 30-39 years, 11 were 40-49 years and 20 were >50 years.