Dr. Rajneesh Varshney

(Assistant Professor, Rajshree Medical College, Bareilly. Uttar Pradesh, India)

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Deputy Editor

Dr. Sanket Dadarao Hiware

(Assistant Professor, College of Medicine and health sciences, DireDawa University DireDawa, Ethiopia)

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Managing Editor

Dr. Rohit Varshney

(Professor, Teerthankar Mahaveer Medical College & Research Centre, Moradabad, India)

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Members of Editorial Board

Dr. Ahmed Al Ameer

(Assistant Professor, Bisha University, Saudi Arabia)

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Dr. Haider Abdul-Lateef Mousa

(Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, University of Basrah, Iraq) 

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Dr. Khaled M Hassan

(Professor & Chairman, Zagazig University, Egypt)

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Dr. Sarfaraz Alam Khan

(Consultant, Peoples Dental Hospital, Nepal)  

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Dr. Ahmed Ezzat Rozeik

(Professor & Head of Paediatric Surgery, Zagazig University, Egypt)

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Dr. Ajay Verma

(Assistant Professor, AIIMS, Delhi, India)  

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Dr. Rehan Sabir Momin

(Professor, Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India)

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Dr. Prem Prakash

(Associate Professor, IGIMS, Patna, India)

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Dr. Kiranmoy Sarangi

(Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi)

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