A Prospective Randomized Study on Dietary Predictor of Anaemia Among Children Aged 6 Months to 3 Years

Dietary Predictor of Anaemia

  • Srikrishna Surampudi Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Apollo institute of medical sciences, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • K. Muralidhar Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Kamineni institute of medical sciences, Narketpally, Telangana, India
Keywords: Anaemia, Breastfeed, Children


Background: The present study aimed to record anemia and predictor of anemia in 6 months to 3 years children. Subjects and Methods: The present study was conducted on 280 children age ranged 6 months -3 years of both genders. Children with Hb level <11 g/dL were considered anemic, and graded as mild (10–10.9 g/dL), moderate (7–9.9 g/dL), and severe (<7 g/dL). Results: There were 150 male and 130 female children and anemia was seen in 56 male and 70 female children. Anemia was detected in 25 children age ranged 6-12 months, 45 in age group 1-2 years and 56 in 2-3 years. 85 anemic children were <2.5 kgs at birth whereas 41 were >2.5 kgs at birth. 68 were not breastfed while 58 were on exclusive breastfeed. Conclusion: Authors found that low birth weight, female gender, not on breastfeed, vegetables and meat non consumers are determinants of anaemia in children.


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