A Study of Serum Electrolytes in Malnourished Children

Serum Electrolytes in Malnourished Children

  • Mohd Zakir Mohiuddin Owais Assistant professor, Department of Paediatrics, Niloufer Hospital
  • N.L Sridhar Professor, Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
Keywords: Cord Malnourished, Malnutrition, Electrolytes, Imbalance


Background: Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) is one of the most common health problems. SAM children are more prone to serious infections that culminate in different co-morbid conditions and result in electrolyte disturbances. Objective: To study the electrolyte profile in severely malnourished children. Subjects and Methods:This was Hospital based cross sectional study. Duration: 1 year from June 2018 to May 2019. Setting: Department of Pediatrics. Participants: 50 Children.Detailed history and physical examination were made. Anthropometric measurements, such as weight and height, were recorded. On admission, electrolytes were performed and children were classified as either hypo / hypernatramic or hypo / hyperkalemic, which depend on the levels of the electrolytes.Result:The Hyponatremia was high with 72% on the day 1, and hypernatremia was 6%, on day 3 hyponatremia was 60% and hypernatremia was 4% and on day 8 Normal sodium was seen in around 68% of the children. The mean sodium significantly improved from day 1 to day 8 with a mean of 135.8±9.9 on the day 8th. The Hypokalemia was highest with 38% on the day 1, Hyperkalemia was seen in 28% of the patients on day 3 and normal potassium was seen in 80% of the children on the day 8th. The mean potassium significantly improved from day 1 to 8 with a mean of 5.5±1.24 on the day 8th. Conclusion:Most of the children with SAM and electrolyte derangements also had diarrhoea. Therefore determination of the electrolyte profile of all patients with SAM immediately on admission and proceeding days after admission is vital as it helps the clinician to decide on the most appropriate fluids to give to help reduce on the morbidity and mortality associated with life threatening electrolyte derangements.


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Mohd Zakir Mohiuddin Owais, & N.L Sridhar. (2020). A Study of Serum Electrolytes in Malnourished Children. Asian Journal of Clinical Pediatrics and Neonatology, 8(1), 41-43. https://doi.org/10.47009/ajcpn.2020.8.1.10