About Us

Academia International Journals (AIJ) is our innovative platform of multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journals committed to promote research in the field of medical arena. It encourages the medical research by disseminating the research outcome in vast areas of applied sciences by offering a hybrid publication model that allows the researchers to publish through open access.

This flexibility encourages a cross-section of researchers of medical fraternity to widely publish their recent innovation a research article, review article, commentaries, case report, brief communication and letter to editor.

We follow a double blind peer review process, efficient article submission, review and publication.

Our Mission

The mission of the Academia International Journals is to disseminate and flourish academic knowledge across the scientific realms and to provide applied research knowledge to the international community. After prompt submission of an article for publication, all esteemed research work of authors undergo a fast but rigorous peer-review procedure. Authors have the opportunity to publish original research article, review article, case report, short communications and letter to editor.