Experience with Ureteral Stent Removal Using Anselfextraction String in South Indian Patients – Single Institute Prospective Study

Ureteral Stent Removal Using Anselfextraction String

Keywords: Ureteroscopy, Urolithiasis, Ureteric stent, Extraction –String, Stent removal, Pain


Background: The study aims to know the safety and effectiveness of a stent with a string attached after ureteroscopy (URS) for self-removal of the stent by the patient in our practice. Subjects and Methods: After Institutional Review Board approval, a chart review was performed concerning patients who underwent URS & received an indwelling stent with or without a string attached to the stent (55 vs. 65, respectively). Statistical analyses included chi-square and Student’s t-tests. Results: The string group consisted of 55patients, in which 32.7% of the patients were male. In the no-string group, 33.8% of the 65 patients were males. No significant difference in complication rates between both groups (P-value = 0.317). Stent duration (Indwell time) was significantly more in no string group (13.32days) compared to the string group (6.28days). In the string group, stent dislodgement has significant (P-value = 0.0183), can be easily overcome by patient education. Post-procedural pain was significant in no string group (P-value = 0.0233). Conclusion: The use of a stent with an Extraction string after URS appears safe and effective and offers several advantages without increasing stent-related urinary symptoms, complications, or postoperative morbidity.


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