Correlationbetween Sizeof Pinna& Height of Individualin Uttar Pradesh Population

Correlation between Size of Pinna & Height of Individual in Uttar Pradesh Population

  • Vidit Dixit Senior Demonstrator, Department of Anatomy, Rama Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Hapur U.P
  • Pratishtha Potdar Associate Professor Department of Anatomy , Santosh Medical College, Ghaziabad U.P
  • Jagmohan Singh Dhakar Statistician cum Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Santosh Medical College, Ghaziabad, U.P.
Keywords: Morphometry, Ear lobule, Ear height and Human auricle


Introduction: Morphometry ofear  is a useful tool for the determination of height & other parameters of individual. The size of the pinna has been measured by some workers for designing hearing aids. No available literature on the study of correlation between the height of an individual and the size of pinna in different age and ethnic groups were available. In this study the height   of the individual along with age  and size of the pinna was measured in order to find out possible correlation in adult North Indian population. It was anticipated that a possible correlation could help in identification of different ethnic groups. Subjects and Methods: A study was conducted on 167 subjects including both males and females. The height of the individual was measured with the help of an anthropometric rod. The measurements related to total ear length & ear width and lobule length & width were taken with a digital Vernier Caliper&the height of the individual was measured using stadiometer& transparent graduated ruler. The pearson correlation were used to establish relationship. The data was analysed using SPSS version & p<0.05 was significant. Results: There was no difference between the size of the right and left pinna. The length of the pinna was 62.454.21 to 62.354.12mm and the width was 24.592.41 to 24.632.41mm. The length of the lobule varied between to 19.212.75 to 19.192.75mm and the lobule width was 20.142.54 to 20.102.56mm of both right and left pinna.In present study  there was a  significant correlation between rt ear length & width with the height of the individual.Similarly Rt lobule length, Lt lobule length & width  also has significant correlation with height of individual. Conclusion: The present study reveals that the ear morphometry is an additional tool in prediction height from linear ear dimensions.


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Vidit Dixit, Pratishtha Potdar, & Jagmohan Singh Dhakar. (2019). Correlationbetween Sizeof Pinna& Height of Individualin Uttar Pradesh Population. Academia Anatomica International, 5(2), 29-33.