Anesthetic Strategy for a Femur Fracture Surgery in a Patient with Hemophilia B (Factor IX Deficiency): A Case Report
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July - December 2016 | Vol 1 | Issue 1 | Page : 6-9

Thiago Mamôru Sakae1

1Anesthesiologist, Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Professor of Epidemiology, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Professor of Epidemiology, UNISUL, University of Southern Santa Catarina.

How to cite this article: Sakae TM. Anesthetic Strategy for a Femur Fracture Surgery in a Patient with Hemophilia B (Factor IX Deficiency): A Case Report. Acad. Anesthesiol. Int. 2016;1(1):6-9.


Hemophilia is a hemorrhagic trend affects mostly males (X-related recessive disease). In 85% of cases it is caused by factor VIII deficiency, being called hemophilia A or classic hemophilia. In approximately 15% of cases there is factor IX deficiency (hemophilia B). The objective of this report was to describe the case of a patient with Hemophilia B underwent a femur fracture surgery. Male patient-18 years old, 81.7 kg, 183 cm, carrying hemophilia B, victim of a motorcycle traffic accident, was admitted in emergency room with Glasgow 15, excoriations in arms and thorax, and a femur fracture. He was first subjected to external fixation and posteriorly underwent surgery to correct a distal femur fracture. Hemophiliac patients' administration has made strides. Hemophilia ought not to be a contraindication for an obtrusive strategy; be that as it may, various conditions are required to give effective surgery and an uncomplicated and safe postoperative course.

Keywords: Femur Fracture, Factor IX, Hemophilia B.

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