Gly16Arg Polymorphism of ß2-Adrenergic Receptor and Perioperative Use of Vasopressor: An Explanation by Nanomolecular Structure View
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January-June 2017 | Vol 2 | Issue 1 | Page :3-4

Viroj Wiwanitkit1

1 Visiting professor, Hainan Medical University, China; honorary professor, Dr DY Patil University, India; visiting professor, Faculty of Medicine. University of Nis,Serbia; Adjunct professor, Joseph Ayobabalola University, Nigeria.

How to cite this article: Wiwanitkit V. Gly16Arg Polymorphism of β₂-Adrenergic Receptor and Perioperative Use of Vasopressor: An Explanation by Nanomolecular Structure View. Acad. Anesthesiol. Int. 2017;2(1):3-4.


The effect of genetic polymorphism in anesthetic drug dosage is very interesting. The relationship between Gly16Arg polymorphism of β₂-Adrenergic Receptor and perioperative use of vasopressor is reported. In this short communication, the authors use the theoretic based on nanomolecular structure view to give an explanation for the effect of Gly16Arg polymorphism of β₂-Adrenergic receptor.

Keywords: Polymorphism, β₂-Adrenergic receptor, Vasopressor.

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