A Randomized Prospective Study on Interlay Vs Underlay of Type I Tympanoplasty in Remote Tertiary Center

Interlay Vs Underlay of Type I Tympanoplasty

Keywords: Chronic otitis media, Interlay, Underlay, Type 1 tympanoplasty


Background: Type I tympanoplasty is a surgical technique used to restore the integrity of tympanic membrane as well as improve the hearing in inactive mucosal chronic otitis media. There are two main methods that are underlay and overlay in between both is interlay. The aim of the present study is to analyse and compare the results of the two most commonly used type I tympanoplasty techniques, underlay and the interlay technique in chronic otitis media with mucosal disease in large central perforation, in terms of graft uptake and hearing improvement. Subjects and Methods: This is a randomized prospective study of 100 cases of inactive mucosal chronic otitis media with total or large anterior central perforation between October2017 to September 2019 in Anugarah Narayan Magadh Medical College & Hospital, Gaya. Half had gone through Interlay and half by Underlay technique of Type I Tympanoplasy surgery. Results: The graft uptake rate in this study was 96% and 90% for Interlay and Underlay technique respectively. Postoperatively mean air bone gap maximally reduced in the Interlay technique. Conclusion: The present study showed that Interlay method had better graft uptake rate as well as hearing improvement in total and large anterior central perforation of inactive mucosal chronic otitis media than the Underlay technique.


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