Unique Case Series of Occipital Sinus and Its Thrombosis- A Radiological Marvel

Unique Case Series of Occipital Sinus and Its Thrombosis


Background: Variations of the dural venous sinuses may result in inaccurate imaging interpretation or complications during surgical approaches. One of these variations reported infrequently is the occipital sinus with an overall incidence of under 10%.When present, it may get thrombosed or become source of intracranial bleeds or pose difficulty during occipital craniotomies. Our review suggests that the thrombosis of this unique venous sinus variant is a rare condition as there are very few case reports of the same. Herein, we present a case series of persistent occipital sinus and the unusual combination of a persistent occipital sinus and its thrombosis. Subjects and Methods: The study included 4 paediatric cases that presented with neonatal seizuressecondary to different underlying aetiologies and in retrospect had either persistent andpatent occipital sinus or a thrombosed occipital sinus. A descriptive study of the aforementioned cases was carried out. MRI scanner PHILIPS Achieva 1.5 Tesla was used for diagnosis. Results: One case had thrombosis of bilateral persistent occipital sinuses and superficial cortical veins with minimal intraventricular haemorrhage in bilateral lateral ventricles.Second case had persistent and thrombosed right occipital sinus; while two other cases had persistent but patent occipital sinuses. Conclusion: A comprehensive knowledge of cerebral venous anatomy and meticulous recognition of venous variations essentially helps when dealing with a pathology, which presents along with a particular venous variation, no matter how rare this combination is.


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