Retrospective Analysis of USG Findings in Dengue Fever as a Screening Modality

Retrospective Analysis of USG Findings in Dengue Fever

  • Vivek Gupta Associate Professor
  • Pranav Kumar Dave Associate Professor
  • R Mishra Professor
  • M Jain Professor & HOD
  • M Bapat Assistant Professor
  • M Tilgam Resident, Department of Radiodiagnosis
  • A Patidar Resident, Department of Radiodiagnosis
  • J Verma Professor
  • C Dave Ex.Assistant Professor,Departmaent Pediatrics, L N Medical College and J K Hospital, Kolar Road, Bhopal


Background: Dengue fever is a common public health issue in India, This study was conducted to asses value of ultrasound findings insero positive dengue cases. Subjects and Methods: Retrospective study of 81 patients of various age groups of both male and female, serologically positive for dengue fever was conducted between April-2018 to Dec-2018. These patients were referred for ultrasound of abdomen .Abdominal sonography was performed with convex probe and high frequency variable linear probes after 4-6 hours fasting .Various ultrasound finding were analyzed. Results: Out of 81 Patients Edematous gall bladder wall thickening/ edema seen in 71 (87.6%), most common findings, followed by ascites in 41 (50.6%) and Splenomegaly 17(20.9%), Hepatomegaly 15(18.5%) and pleural effusion 26 (32%).Ultrasound abdomen findings were normal in 10 (12.3%).In these Patients the platelet count  was more than 150,000..Patients with platelets count up to 80000 showed  GB wall thickening / wall edema,ascites, pleural effusion ,hepatomegaly and splenomegaly. Pericardial effusion was not seen in our study. Conclusion: Ultrasound abdomen findings of GB wall thickenings,GB wall edema, Pleural effusion, Ascites, Splenomegaly & Hepatomegaly strongly indicates diagnosis of dengue fever.These USG findings suggestive of severity of DF, which requirs proper managmeent.Subsequate USG examination helps to monitor the response to the treatment.

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Vivek Gupta, Pranav Kumar Dave, R Mishra, M Jain, M Bapat, M Tilgam, A Patidar, J Verma, & C Dave. (2019). Retrospective Analysis of USG Findings in Dengue Fever as a Screening Modality. Asian Journal of Medical Radiological Research, 7(2), 82-88.