Examination of Pervasiveness of Elevated Serum Uric Acid Level and Microalbuminuriain Prehypertension

Elevated Serum Uric Acid Level and Microalbuminuria in Prehypertension

  • Sunjay Pathak Assistant Professor, Department of General Medicine, Varun Arjun Medical College and Rohilkhand Hospital Banthra, Shahjehanpur, 242307, UP, India
  • Mahipal Singh Puri Department of Medicine, Rajshree Medical Research Institute, Bareilly, 242307, UP, India
Keywords: Serum uric acid, Microalbuminuria, Prehypertension


Background: The relationship between uric acid and microalbuminuriain healthy adults without other cardiovascular risk factors may help to clarify the role of uric acid in cardiovascular disease. In this study, we examined that elevated serum uric acid level was associated with microalbuminuria.Subjects and Methods: Study was done on both male and female prehypertensive patients of age more than 18 years and less than 60, admitted in wards and attending OPD. Controls were normotensive patients admitted in wards who were matched for age, sex and confounding factors.Results: Hyperuricemia was found in 53(15.14%) patients with prehypertension compared to 32 (9.14%) patients with normal BP. Thus hyperuricemia was seen in patients of prehypertension which was highly significant as P<0.001.Conclusion:In conclusion we found that microalbuminuria and hyperuricemia are significantly more prevalent among prehypertensive subjects as compared to normotensive subjects.


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