Study of Clinico Radiological Profile of Ischemic Cerebrovascular Stroke and Its Outcome at Tertiary Care Centre

Clinico Radiological Profile of Ischemic Cerebrovascular Stroke

  • Vaishali Patel Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical College, Vadodara
  • Asha Vagadiya Tutor of Physiology, Medical College, Vadodara
Keywords: Ischemic cerebrovascular stroke, Atherosclerotic risk factors


Background: Ischemic CV stroke  is disease of long term Disability and Death accounts for >80% of total stroke events .The main objective of the study was to study clinical and radiological profile,  risk factors  and  outcome of  stroke.Subjects and Methods: An observational study of 46 patients of acute ischemic cerebrovascular stroke was conducted during January 2014 to November 2014. All patients were subjected to Sociodemographic,Clinical, family h/o risk factors, dietary,other lifestyle habits and examination with written consent. Apart from routine blood investigations , special investigations like Uric acid, urinary albumin creatinine ratio, ECG,2D Echo, Carotid Doppler , CT Scan/MRI brain were done within24 hours of onset. NIHSS and MRS scores were used for severity assessment.Results: Majority of patients were in 55-64 years (30.4%) age group with male predominance (52%) (mean age 55.52+12.61). Old aged patients are more likely to be selected for study. Microalbuminuria was found on 34 (73.9%) Patients  with recent  stroke. 52.1 % patients having serum uric acid >8. 36.9 % patients. ECG suggested LVH and normal findings in 36.9% while 15.2% and 10.8% had stroke related changes and myocardial ischemia. Majority 30(65%) of patients showed concentric hypertrophy, followed by  diastolic dysfunction 11(23%) on 2D Echo.Atherosclerotic changes seen in 60.8% on carotid Doppler study. majority 32.6 %  patients were affected in MCA territory, followed by 23.9 % PCA territory followed by 19.5% infarct in thalamus. NIHSS and MRSmean score was  20.2+ 12 and 3.9+1.8  on admission and   15.7+13 and 3.23+ 1.91  on  discharge respectively.Hospital outcome was good. No mortality during entire study period.Conclusion: Stroke a high socioeconomic burden in community. Apart from Age and hypertension, microalbuminuria and uric acid may be considered as independent risk factors for ischemic stroke. Identification and  treatment of risk factors can prevent stroke related morbidity and mortality.